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1Chapter 1: What is Sociology? Q1Multiple Choice
2Chapter 1: What is Sociology Q2Multiple Choice
3Chapter 1: What is Sociology Q3Multiple Choice
4Chapter 1: What is Sociology Q4Multiple Choice
5Chapter 1: What is Sociology Short AnswerEssay
6Chapter 1: Theoretical Perspectives: Q1Multiple Choice
7Chapter 1: Theoretical Perspectives: Q2Multiple Choice
9Chapter 1: Theoretical Perspectives: Q4Multiple Choice
10Chapter 1: Theoretical Perspectives: Q5Multiple Choice
11Chapter 1: Why study sociology: Q1Multiple Choice
12Chapter 1: Why study sociology: Q2Multiple Choice
14Chapter 2: Approaches to Sociological Research: Q1Multiple Choice
15Chapter 2: Approaches to sociological research: Q2Multiple Choice
16Chapter 2: Approaches to sociological research: Q3Multiple Choice
18Chapter 2: Research Methods: Q1Multiple Choice
19Chapter 2: Research Methods: Q3Multiple Choice
20Chapter 2: Research Methods: Q4Multiple Choice
26Chapter 3: What is Culture: Q2Multiple Choice
28Chapter 3: What is Culture: Q4Multiple Choice
30Chapter 3: Elements of Culture: Q1Multiple Choice
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