I have been thinking about how to incorporate Online Educational Resources in my Introduction to Sociology classes for about two years now. Initially, this began with informal discussions with Lindsey Gumb, Scholarly Communications Librarian at Roger Williams University Library. Lindsey helped show me that developing an original textbook through OER is doable. Her expertise, skill, and patience has made this project possible, as I would not have ventured into the online book making world without her support.

Hannah Goodall, Outreach and Communication Coordinator at the Roger Williams University University Library has been extremely helpful with the visual component of the textbook. She has helped me with photographs, layout, the interactive Multiple Choice questions, and overall just general trouble shooting.

Thanks for the OER Faculty Fellowship program, developed by CSALT at Roger Williams University. In particular,  I would like to thank Dr. Bob Shea for the library resources and time of librarians that is provided under the fellowship.

Thank you to Dr. Paul Webb in the Marine Biology Department of Roger Williams University for sharing his own OER Oceanography textbook and answering questions about the process.

Thanks to all the students who continue to make teaching sociology such a worthwhile endeavor!


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